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By collaborating with EES Innovation's math team, you not only enhance student outcomes but also boost the effectiveness and efficiency of educators. Our suite of common formative assessment and differentiation tools for mathematics instruction facilitates this elevation.

Take your PLC conversations to new heights as teachers pinpoint individualized and small group needs, analyze data trends, and collaborate on strategic approaches to support student learning. With data-driven insights, educators can craft leveled problem sets for each standard, ready for printing and utilization in small group or individualized instruction.


The EES Innovation math division looks forward to assisting your district with initial on-site training and providing continuous support through an online help desk.

Automated tools for differentiation and spiral practice

problem sets

problem sets

Spiral practice

Customizable tools for differentiation

Customizable problem sets (1st-8th)

Word problem sets (3rd-5th)

Kindergarten problem sets

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