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When you partner with EES Innovation to create a Learning Prioritization Plan, you are committing to improving educational outcomes and opportunities for all students.

Comprehensive audit

​With a Learning Prioritization Plan, you’ll receive a comprehensive audit of your district’s teaching and learning landscape representative of the data gathered from instructional walkthroughs, artifact reviews, stakeholder surveys, and stakeholder focus groups.

Key Priorities + 3-year Plan

We will identify key priorities that highlight your district’s unique strengths and opportunities for improvement. Then, we will create a three-year plan articulating an all-inclusive approach to
system-wide improvement.

TEAM app

EES Innovation then provides the TEAM app to monitor progress, aligning with the defined outcomes in the district’s plan.

Our team is committed to supporting you because your students and teachers deserve the best you have to offer.

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Superintendent Testimonials
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LPP Benefits
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LPP Process

Phases of the Learning Prioritization Plan

Initiation: Initiate the foundational phase.
Research Analysis: Collect essential
data for comprehensive analysis and
informed decision-making.
Implementation: Begin implementing
the developed strategies, translating plans
into action for tangible outcomes.
Strategic Priority Development:
Formulate key priorities and strategies.
Progress Monitoring: Employ the
TEAM app for real-time progress monitoring,
fostering transparency and collaboration.
Reporting: Share results and produce
comprehensive reports to keep
stakeholders informed and engaged.
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