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Equitable Education Solutions (EES) works diligently for their partners to create systems that are focused on improving student opportunities and outcomes. Guided by our core values — partner obsession, innovative problem-solving, and systems-oriented — we offer services guided towards school improvement and strategic planning, implementing STEM and project-based learning in the classroom, and enhancing curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices.

The strategic planning and implementation team works to support partners by developing ways to enhance the work they are doing well. They also provide new strategies to improve student performance and growth. Our process is data-driven and we work closely with district and building leadership throughout our partnership.

Social Studies

Equitable Education Solutions defines STEM education as two or more of the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics being integrated, taught, demonstrated, and assessed with the end goal of an authentic product.

Project Based Learning is an instructional approach where students engage with standards-based content through the context of solving authentic, real-world problems.  This learning modality is imperative to providing students with critical thinking skills necessary to prepare them for postsecondary school and the 21st century workforce.

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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices are the levers for school improvement. Our team will support your district in developing guaranteed and viable curriculum maps, increasing teacher capacity to deliver highly-effective instruction, and improving outcomes for all students.

Work Ethic
Learning Strategies
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