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Our Core Values

At EES Innovation, education isn’t just our field—it’s what drives us. However, passion alone isn’t enough. That’s why we are innovative problem-solvers, partner-obsessed, systems-oriented, and advocates for schools. Our services extend beyond traditional lesson plans or workshops; instead, we delve into the distinct needs of each district, fostering collaborative efforts to devise solutions that empower teachers, engage students, and drive sustainable success.

Innovative Problem-Solvers

We don’t just identify challenges in education; we crack them wide open. We are a team of passionate educators and strategic thinkers who thrive on developing solutions tailored to each district’s unique needs.


Your success is our success. We pride ourselves on building deep, collaborative partnerships with every district we serve.


We understand that true change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We work within the existing systems of your schools to build sustainable solutions that integrate seamlessly and empower educators to thrive.

Advocates for Schools

We support and promote the interests, needs, and values of each partner district to reinforce educational excellence.

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