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What MSD of New Durham Township says about us

Our experience with EES Innovation has been nothing short of exceptional. We brought them in following the challenges our school faced during the Covid pandemic, and I can truly say that their work enabled us to refocus, prioritize, and move forward in a way that will leave our students better prepared for the next steps in their learning than they ever were before. EES stands out with its team of experts, who are truly the best of the best in the field. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs was evident from the beginning. The experts from EES not only visited our school but also took the time to learn about our current status, diving deep into the intricacies of our educational landscape. They engaged in extensive conversations with multiple stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, and parents. this collaborative effort ensured that the product we received at the end was not just a solution imposed on us but a meticulously tailored plan that had immediate buy-in from our community. This inclusive nature of the planning process fostered a sense of ownership and enthusiasm among stakeholders.

The collaborative process facilitated by EES enabled us to move forward with a clear focus and direction. The insights gathered from their on-site visits and interactions were instrumental in identifying areas for improvement. The resulting plan outlined by EES serves as a roadmap for progress, aligning with our district's goals and aspirations.  We are eager and optimistic about the progress we'll make in the next few years, guided by the steps and strategies laid out by EES. Their support has been instrumental in providing our school district with the tools and insights needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education.  We wholeheartedly recommend EES to any educational institution seeking a partner dedicated to transformative and collaborative planning.

Dr. Sandra Wood

Superintendent, MSD of New Durham Township

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