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What MSD of Steuben County says about us

EES Innovation has had a transformative impact on our public school district. Their company's commitment to innovation, excellence, and going above and beyond has truly elevated the educational experience for our students and the professional development opportunities for our teachers and administrators.

Their team of experts worked closely with our educators to create comprehensive and cohesive curriculum maps that align seamlessly across all grade levels. We have also had success in working with EES Innovation on employability skills micro-credentialing, project-based learning professional development, and student data analytics. In addition, the K-12 strategic planning provided by EES has been instrumental in shaping the direction of our district's educational initiatives. Their strategic approach takes into account the unique needs of our student population, ensuring that all learners are given the support and resources they require to thrive. 

The level of professionalism exhibited by the teams throughout these processes has been exemplary, and their collaborative approach has fostered a positive and productive working relationship with our district's leadership.

Dr. Matthew Widenhoefer

Superintendent, MSD of Steuben County

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