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Empower districts, improve student outcomes

We empower our district partners to cultivate systems that not only elevate student outcomes but also expand opportunities for all. Our comprehensive services encompass curriculum mapping; pinpointing gaps in curriculum, instruction, and assessment; employability skills micro-credentialing; STEM programming; professional development; grant and financial support; and beyond.


Tailored to the unique needs of each district, our innovative solutions ensure elevated outcomes.

Trusted by 70+ school districts in Indiana



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Our Premier Services

We collaborate with school districts to craft a comprehensive, district-wide approach for student learning. Stakeholder engagement is prioritized to create a 3-year plan, ensuring input from leaders, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community members. EES analyzes data, observes student learning in each building, conducts focus groups, surveys stakeholders, and audits curriculum and assessment. The result is a concise action plan addressing instruction and learning outcomes, enhancing existing systems, and proposing measures for sustained improvement.


EES Delta is a comprehensive system for common formative assessment and differentiated tools for mathematics instruction available for Kindergarten through Algebra I. This automated tool supports differentiated small group instruction, individualized learning, and curriculum-aligned spiral practice.

With a guaranteed and viable curriculum, supportive resources, and a system of interventions in place, the vast majority of students can learn to decode by second grade and be skilled and competent readers by graduation. Let our literacy team equip you with the guidance, knowledge, and support to ensure you have a literacy-rich environment in place so every student has the opportunity to grow as a reader.


Collaborate with EES Innovation's STEM team for a transformative approach to student learning and teacher instruction. Together, we're not just changing the way students learn; we're shaping future innovators and thinkers.


The EES Employability Skills Micro-credentialing System leverages a train-the-trainer model to build district capacity through specific Key Strategies for instructing and assessing employability skills within the curriculum.

We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach to any district. We've helped in areas of grant writing, financial planning–even choosing paint swatches.

Ask us how else we can level up your district.


Other customized solutions for your individual needs are available

We set our partners up for success

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Laura Hammack
Superintendent, Beech Grove City Schools

The personalized approach and exceptional service quality truly sets EES Innovation apart. Their team's expertise and commitment to sustainability have significantly improved our efficiency. EES Innovation's dedication to finding innovative solutions and exceptional customer support have made them an invaluable partner for us.

Kyle Mealy
School logos-02.png
Superintendent, Wes-Del Community Schools

Our school saw remarkable growth in student achievement thanks to innovative approaches from EES. The knowledgeable staff provided exceptional guidance, using cutting-edge practices that truly made a difference in our classrooms.

Kim Corsaro
School logos-03.png
Assistant Superintendent, Fayette County Schools

EES Innovation consistently goes above and beyond to understand and meet our unique needs. Their innovative solutions not only solve our problems but also create lasting impacts. Their personalized approach demonstrates a true dedication to our success
and growth.

Mike Sargent
Superintendent, Kokomo School Corporation

EES Innovation upheld a commitment to staff growth through personalized learning experiences, sparking new ideas and strategies. Their creative approach to education left a lasting impact, fostering a culture of innovation throughout our district.

Zero in to level up.

Start a conversation with an EES Innovation team member to see how we can develop systems of innovation and improve student outcomes in your district.

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