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Literacy Audits

The EES Innovation Literacy Audit is designed to equip leaders with the guidance, knowledge, and support required to ensure every student in the district has the opportunity to grow as a reader. Our audit provides clear and practical ways to adjust and augment existing practices in order to increase alignment to the Science of Reading.

By using research to identify gaps, align curricular resources, and strengthen instruction, we can create equitable opportunities for all students to become skilled readers, empowered learners, and engaged thinkers. Our comprehensive Literacy Audit Report provides a detailed analysis of the state of literacy in your district and concrete steps to move you toward these outcomes. 

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The Process
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The Benefits

The purpose of the literacy audit is to ensure there is a literacy rich environment in place so every student has the opportunity to grow as a reader. Ideally, with guaranteed and viable curriculum, supportive resources, and a system of interventions in place, the vast majority of students can learn to decode by second grade and be skilled and competent readers by graduation. The literacy audit will help your district identify priority areas of focus to improve literacy outcomes for students.

Curricular Resources

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Instructional Practices

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Assessment Systems

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Beliefs, Attitudes,
& Dispositions

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Literacy Add-ons

EES Writing Tasks

K-12 Writing tasks aligned to each genre

  • Persuasive/Argumentative

  • Informative

  • Narrative

(6 total for each grade level, 4 for Kindergarten)

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Knowledge-building text sets

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Short answer synthesis questions

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Aligned to ILEARN

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Vertically articulated writing expectations

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Scoring and implementation guidance for teachers

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Standards-based writing rubrics

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