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Our Why

With a staff largely made up of former teachers, building administrators, and central office administrators, we empower our district partners to cultivate systems that not only elevate student outcomes but also expand opportunities. Our team members are experts in their respective fields and are proud to work alongside teachers and administrators to have a true impact on public education. We firmly believe that students are the cornerstone of our future, and we aim to implement effective strategies that not only enhance academic performance but also foster a supportive and enriching learning environment for all.

How we have grown

Starting as a half-time venture in 2010, EES Innovation has grown to 45 employees who have helped service more than 70 rural, urban, and suburban school districts in Indiana. From our first employee hired on January 15, 2017, until now, we have outgrown three office spaces, partnered with hundreds of teachers and administrators, and currently employ staff members located in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas.


Dr. Langevin transitions to EES full time


30 district partners


45 employees and 70+ district partners


Dr. Langevin launches EES as a half-time venture while holding his central office position


First employee hired


15 employees

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